Protect yourself from auto insurance refund scams

Auto insurance refunds are on their way, and you should be alert for bad actors using the current news to attempt to steal your personal information. 

Thanks to cost savings under Michigan’s historic, bipartisan auto insurance reform passed by the Legislature and signed by Governor Whitmer in 2019, Michiganders are receiving $400 per-vehicle refunds from their auto insurance companies this spring. It’s important to know that you do not have to do anything in order to receive your refund, your insurer will issue it to you automatically via check or ACH deposit by May 9. 

If someone calls claiming to need your personal information in order to give you your refund, hang up! Never give out personal information including address, birthdate, Social Security Number, account numbers, or passwords to unsolicited callers. If you receive a call about your auto insurance refund, contact your insurance company to verify the request and inquire how you can provide information securely if necessary.

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