One Day Special Event

One Day Special Event

Looking for One Day Special Event coverage in Oakland County?  We’ve got what you need. Many individuals assume that the coverage is automatic on a homeowners policy or provided by the venue.  This is a common misconception.  

If you are having an event and providing or allowing alcohol to be consumed, you will want to purchase a One Day Special Event (ODSE) policy.  This can include both the general liability (coverage for bodily injury and property damage) and the liquor liability (beer, wine & liquor) as well.  Your homeowners policy may provide very minimal coverage and will have major gaps and the venue simply does not provide this coverage on your behalf. The venue likely has coverage to protect themselves and you should do the same. 

When you purchase a ODSE policy this transfers the risk from your homeowners policy to the event coverage which allows you to be worry-free and enjoy your special day~  If a claim arises, it doesn’t affect your homeowners premium for the next 3 years either. 

On average, the general liability with liquor liability ranges from $195 – $260 and can also include the set-up and take-down coverage for your event plus other options.  Please contact our agency for a quote!  

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