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Life Insurance Rates and Quotes


Choosing the Right Michigan Life Insurance

We have 2 of the best companies around Midland National Life is a privately owned firm that has 0 Debt.  They are family oriented and have been around a long time.  Privately owned life insurance companies are hard to come by, but it is a nice addition because you don’t have board members worrying about there stock price versus there customers.

Columbus Life is one of the largest Life insurance carriers in the world. Both of these companies are very financially sound and not going anywhere for a long time.  The reason we have 2 companies for Life is because they have different underwriting requirements.  We need to make sure our customers get the best rates possible and by having they two different companies we are able to get the broadest possibilities for our customers.

Basically, there are two different types of Life Insurance that can be purchased in Michigan; Term Life & Whole Life. We have outlined the differences below.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is most often the choice for those individuals that have limited budgets but prefer to carry larger policies until they can convert to Whole Life Insurance.

  • Can be purchased for as little as 1 year and in some cases, up to the age of 70.
  • There is no cash value.
  • Have lower premiums for high coverage.
  • Rates can change at any time after your “term” has expired.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance is a permanent insurance and there are many different types that will suit most situations. Most often used in retirement years to have cash equity when needed.

  • Has a cash value and can be used as equity for other purchases.
  • As long as you pay your monthly fees, the insurance will be there and does not change.
  • Not for a specified time or term; they are permanent.
  • Have higher premiums but can be a valuable asset.