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Business and Commercial Insurance


Choosing the Right Michigan Business and Commercial Insurance

We have access to over 130 different companies.  We will find you the best rate with a company that wants your business.  Whatever your business is there is a good chance that we are able save you money on all of your insurances.  Professional Liability, Building, Inventory, Work Comp, General Liability, Umbrella Coverage up to 10 million, Computer Fraud, Bonds, Fleet Coverage, Errors and Omissions, EPLI, Medical Malpractice, and many more coverage that are available to us for you.

We have a dedicated team that specializes in Business Insurance.  We will work for you and help you every step of the way.

Business or Commercial Insurance

Although business insurance is not required in Michigan, most companies opt to carry General Liability Insurance. Carrying this insurance helps to protect your business from financial loss in the event a claim of damage or injury is filed against it.  General Liability Insurance is often called Business Liability or Commercial Liability and all serve the same purpose.

  • Bodily Injury – To pay costs associated with physical injury to someone at your place of business (other than an employee) or in the case an injury is caused by your company at a clients home or workplace.
  • Personal Injury – Coverage against damage to a persons rights or reputation, ie; slander, libel false arrest, etc.
  • Property Damage – To pay costs of someone else’s property caused by you or an employee.
  • Legal Defense and Judgements – To pay the cost of legal fees to defend you against lawsuits.

Michigan does require many businesses to carry Workers Compensation Insurance to cover employees in the even of work-related injuries.  Please make sure you are currently covered correctly.  Check with the State to see if your business is required to have Workers Comp.