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Insurance Quotes for Boats, RV’s, Recreational Vehicles


Choosing the Right Michigan Boat, RV or Recreational Vehicle Insurance

We have some of the best companies out there for your boats, RV’s, Jet Skies, Wave Runners, ATV’s Ext.  Our companies specialize in these products and know the in’s and outs.  If you purchase a brand New RV we are able to add Replacement cost on to it for up to 5 years.  Which means if you total that RV within 5 model years old you will get a brand new one for your troubles.

The requirements for boat, RV and Recreational Vehicle insurance are different for each State and Michigan is no different. Depending on your circumstance, you may be required to carry:


RV insurance in Michigan is usually covered separately under your automobile policy depending upon the type of vehicle; Motorhome or Towable RV. The most significant difference in these is whether it is towed by another vehicle.

  • Motor Homes – Un-Financed RV’s are only required to have liability insurance, but full coverage is optional. If your RV is financed or it is a Rental you will be required to carry full coverage.
  • Towable RV’s – Liability insurance will extend from your automobile insurance in case of unhitching and causing damages to other property.

Below are the different types of insurance that are either required (depending on your type of vehicle) or can be added as options:

  • Liability Insurance – To pay any costs associated with property damage or bodily injury.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – Coverage for non-collision related incidents such as theft or fire.
  • Collision Coverage – To help pay costs to repair or replace your RV.
  • Vacation Liability – To cover costs due to property damage or others’ injuries while using the RV for vacation purposes only.


When shopping for boat insurance you should take into consideration the area that the insurance will cover. Some insurance is only valid within 75 miles from the US coastline. If you plan to boat in other areas, additional insurance may be needed. In Michigan, you are not required to carry boaters insurance unless it still has a lien against it, although it is recommended. Below are examples of insurance you should consider.

  • Medical Payments Coverage – To cover medical expenses if you are hurt while out on the water.
  • Liability Insurance – To pay for damage in case someone else is involved in the accident.
  • Physical Damage Coverage – Coverage for any physical damage to your boat, trailer or motor.
  • Agreed Value Coverage – In case your boat is stolen or destroyed you get the cash value you purchased.
  • Uninsured Bodily Injury – Coverage in case you are hit by an uninsured boater.
  • Fuel Spill Liability – To pay for fuel spills in the water that were caused by your boat.
  • Unattached Equipment Coverage – Used to repair or replace any equipment that is not attached to your boat, including, but not limited to, water skis, life vests or anchors.