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Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Insurance, for Michigan Residents


Choosing the Right Michigan Auto Insurance

The requirements for car insurance are different for each State and Michigan is no different. Depending on your circumstance, you may be required to carry:

  • Liability Insurance – To pay for damage you may cause to others
  • No-fault Insurance coverage – Which covers expenses caused to you or your passengers as a result of an accident.
  • In the State of Michigan, you may be required to carry both Liability and No-fault coverage.
  • Collision Insurance– If you financed your vehicle or there is a lien holder, you may be required to carry additional coverage to assure the lender they will be repaid in the event of a collision. This is called Collision Insurance.
  • Comprehensive Insurance – This type of insurance covers everything else that could happen, aside from an accident. For instance, if there was a flood or fire, and your vehicle happened to be damaged, Comprehensive would cover the loss. It also covers theft, vandalism, and several other factors not related to damages from a moving vehicle accident.

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Automobiles and Trucks

Auto insurance in Michigan is different than any other state in the United States.  We are the only state that is mandated to have life time medical for injuries in auto accidents.  This is Michigan No-Fault, and Due to Michigan No-Fault you are currently charged an extra $150 per year on every vehicle you have on the roads.  That isn’t including the extra that the insurance company itself has to charge to cover their end on Michigan No-Fault.

While saying all that Michigan No-Fault may cost more but it is a very good thing to have if you are in an accident.  Michigan No-Fault provides you with Life Time medical benefits from any injury caused by an auto accident as well as up to 36 months of loss of wages and even some funeral expense in the worst case scenario.   Currently there is legislation in Michigan trying to give the customers more flexibility.  They are trying to give us different options on how much medical you want to have.  The only problem I see is that some agents out there may not be as upfront as we are and you might not get the coverage’s you need.


We have one of the few companies that allow us to put a motorcycle in storage (which is comprehensive only), it is one way we are able to save you a ton of money on your motorcycle insurance.

With Motorcycles and Michigan No-Fault.  Motorcycles are not covered under Michigan No-Fault, If you are in an accident on you motorcycle and it doens’t involve another automobile you do not have any medical coverage or wage loss with your motorcycle policy.  Your Health insurance would have to pick up all the medical, that is if you have Health Insurance.  You are able to add medical onto your policy in 5,000 increments up to 100,000 with some companies but it isn’t cheap to do.  Now if you are in an accident with your motorcycle and another car or truck Michigan No-Fault kicks in and your fine.

Antique, Classic, and Exotic Autos

We have 3 of the best in the business, Hagerty is probably the most well known, based right here in Traverse City Michigan. Began in the early 80’s and with in 10 years was one of the largest Antique auto, boat and motorcycle carriers in the world.  That is what they do, they know the market and are very good at what they do.  Frankenmuth’s Insurnace companies program Mimics Hargerty very well there products are similar and they have the touch you need for specialty vehicle.  Heacock Classics has a little different edge to there business, they still do the antiques very well but they also do a lot of custom motorcycle and allow Nitrous oxide.