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  • Does my insurance cover my kids stuff while at college?

    The answer is, most likely – There are a few things you need to know though.

    • Must be a full time student
    • Must still be a resident of your home
    • Colleges in the United States only – Certain things may not be covered out side of the US.
    • Always call your agent first – Every company has different rules


    Additional Information:

    Your child is still considered a resident of your home while living in the dorm rooms in college.  Any household members Contents (clothes, tv’s, Computers, etc.) are covered anywhere in the world.  Typically %10 of your Personal Property Coverage would extend to a campus dorm, which would cover your childs belongings. If your child is away at school in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee or even in another state your homeowners should extend to there contents while in the dorms. They usually will need to be a full time student and still have the Drivers License showing your home as there address to have this coverage extend.

    Always give your agent a call – every insurance company is different and insurance is ever changing.